Frank Vena Photographer
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"I had the great fortune of working with Frank on a print campaign for First West Credit Unions. It was an ambitious concept, featuring real First West employees portrayed at their office desk but set in rugged outdoor settings. The schedule was impossible. The weather was unforgiving. And the logistics made an ascent of Everest look simple. But Frank embraced the challenge with abandon and fielded every subsequent curve ball we threw at him without a hint of concern. Most importantly, the end product was world class and although it was intended as a Spring tactical campaign, many of the First West branches still hang the work on their walls proudly, two years after it was shot. Frank is a consummate professional. A creative collaborator. And a hell of lot of fun to work with. Which I would do again, in a heartbeat."

Craig Redmond, Founder (needless to say), Craig Redmond Creative Inc.

"I have confidently been able to both refer work directly to Frank as well as enjoy managing client projects directly with Frank for well over 10 years. Frank is a photographer with what I have found to be a rare combination of creative talent bolstered by strong business acumen. It is this unique combination that, to my mind, gives him strength in a very competitive marketplace. We have never been disappointed by Frank's photographic work and would love to find more opportunities to partner with him."

Lisa Benjamin, Regional Vice President Vancouver, TMP Worldwide

"While overseeing a large recruitment advertising project for one of B.C.’s largest public sector employers, I hired Frank to photograph 200+ employees over a one year period. This required travel to all corners of the province and the ability to capture the employees’ pride for their jobs and the regions in which they worked. Frank and his team were able to creatively adapt to various atmospheres, put the subjects at ease and to deliver a product that far exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with Frank and I would jump at the chance to hire him again."

Shellene McConnell, Marketing Specialist, Victoria

"Frank will go out of his way to get the shot you are looking for. Not only is he meticulous about details in the planning but he has an artful eye for composition when it comes time to pull the trigger."  

Dean Lee, Executive Creative Director, DDB Canada

"I love working with Frank, it takes the hassle out of the production process. I am always a bit stressed when shooting with and for clients and Frank's calmness and professionalism just smooths out the edges. And, I know he will come through and if need be, pull rabbits out of hats and do whatever it takes to deliver the final product. Did I mention I love working with Frank?"

Margaret Kool, President, Maragaret Kool Marketing, Alberta

"Mr. Vena is truly a fearless photographer. We discovered his work on his website and were immediately impressed with his personal shots. With those in mind, we hired him to shoot the townsfolk of a small island community for an ad campaign. His shots were masterful; at once, personal and revealing while, at the same time, working perfectly for our commercial purposes. Those six shots still line the walls of my office."

Peter Walters, President, Creative Director, Anonymous Advertising, Vancouver

"There is nothing better than working on a project with a supplier who is prompt and professional. That was my experience with Frank when I had him photographing some of my employees for an ad campaign. Frank and his crew made themselves available at very short notice and the end product was excellent and exactly what I'd asked for. The employees who were involved loved Frank and had a great time being a part of the project. Thanks Frank for working within such tight timelines and providing everything I needed. We will do business again."

Jill O'Connell, Employee Development Advisor, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

"I've had the occassion to work with Frank on many projects. Why Frank?: Working with Frank is easy. He's professional, reliable, does whatever it takes to get the job done and his work is always great. Oh, and he's also a really nice guy."

Bruce Cleland, VP marketing and Sales, SWERVE Driver Training, Redmond, USA